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色谱柱家族新成员 - Halo® 1.5

HALO® PAH色谱柱是以专有的制造工艺,将未封尾的三官能C18链键合到Fused-Core®核壳型硅胶颗粒上的特殊填料。该设计充分保证了对PAH化合物的快速、高效地分离性能。

对于EPA 8310法和EPA 610法,HALO® PAH色谱柱能够在五分钟内对16种标准PAH化合物进行富有针对性的、长期稳定的、高效的分离,且分离度不低于1.5。

halo enviroclass - hplc environmental applications


  • EPA 610
  • EPA 8310+2
  • EU 15+1
  • Emerging PAHs


  • Application-assured through method qualified lot analysis
  • Optimal 2.7 µm Fused-Core® particle for rugged, reliable performance delivering high efficiency, low back pressure separations
  • Well suited for UV, Fluorescence and MS detection
enviroclass pfas pah analysis

Fast 5 min separation of method EPA 8310 + 2 USING HALO® PAH

pah column performance

The HALO® PAH column outperforms a fully porous particle (FPP) 1.8 μm, 95 Å column for a fast 5 min separation of method EPA 8310 + 2 demonstrating improved speed and resolution.

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